Backtrack 5


“The quieter you are, the more you are able to listen…”. The motto of backtrack meaning that listening requires you to be silent, you can listen while you’re talking but it is not as effective while you are in silent mode. At first using backtrack is a lot of hassle for me. Lack of user interface really annoys me, but overtime me slowly beginning to able to use command as well as UI. Moreover, after practicing using command line I began to understand what’s going on inside of my OS instead just letting it do its work.


Backtrack has taught me lots of things from how to find others IP to eventually get inside of their system. Of course, it was not an easy job to do that, it requires patience and focus to do it or it will become a failure and all of your effort will be in vain. Finding a person private data also become really easy with the tools available inside of backtrack, but running those tools isn’t the only thing that you need to run it. You must also understand what are you looking for and your target as well in order to get the correct output from those tools.



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