It’s not all about computers

Hacking is not a one way street attack to the target system. There are many other ways to gain access to the system even without looking at the system at all. Remember, hacker we must use the easiest and most efficient method to gather data. Therefore, since human is the weakest link in the chain, we must use them as resource use as an information gathering method.



Piggybanking is an act in which an unauthorized person who follows someone to a restricted area without the consent of the authorized person. In this secured area, this person can obtain sensitive data easily because they have access to the data.



  • Surreptitiously following an individual authorized to enter a location, giving the appearance of being legitimately escorted
  • Joining a large crowd authorized to enter, and pretending to be a member of the crowd that is largely unchecked
  • Finding an authorized person who either carelessly disregards the law or the rules of the facility, or is tricked into believing the piggybacker is authorized, and agreeably allows the piggybacker to tag along

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